Monday, July 27, 2015

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

It's here, the Z3TC in short. Just a short introduction to this interesting Phablet. Yes, you have full phone functionality integrated.

Tech specs:
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5 GHz quad core
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Flash memory: 16 GB
  • Expansion slot: up to 128 GB microSD
  • 8.1MP rear camera
  • Front-facing camera 2.2MP
  • PlayStation certified
  • PS4 Remote Play
  • 8 inch TRILUMINOS display 1920 x 1200 / X-Reality
  • MHL 3.0 support
  • USB high speed 2.0 and micro USB support
  • Native USB tethering
  • NFC, DLNA Certified, ANT+
Antutu Benchmark is at 43409 which is quite good for a device around 6-7 month on the market. The Benchmark ran under Lollipop 5.0.2. That explains the extra points in comparison to the benchmarks under KitKat.

By the way, the update went smooth on the new device without any apps installed. No stuttering even in bright sunlight (with battery saven and stamina off). Around 2 days with normal usage is quite okay. Of course, if you use it intensively with the screen on for a long time, I could manage to drain the battery within 12 hours. Still okay.

As you can see in the photo, I also ordered a magnetic charging cable to easily charge it while in the case. And it's charging quite fast there with about 3,5 hours until charged from 1% to 100%. Nice! However, the connector of the cable (not the phone) gets extremely hot. Can't say if it's this particular cable, but I read a lot of reports that these magnetic charging cables getting hot quickly. With 2.4 Ah it isn't much surprising. So much for QuickCharge... As I always said any modern phone can charge quickly by giving enough power from the charger. And no fear, the phone only takes as much as it can without damaging something.

Unfortunately my Nano-SIM hasn't arrived by now (nearly a week now, groar), so I can't say much about reception or speech quality, but I don't expect something special.

So here we go... More to come.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Pebble app & Matejdro Notification Center not working

I wrote this morning to the developer of the Notification Center for the Pebble, because the latest updates completely broke the app, and now I'm having quite some problems with notifications and with the connection to the Pebble. Something terrible was changed.
Let's see if I get response. I hope the dev of this app does have more motivation today, because this is a very urgent problems.

Meanwhile I also contacted the Pebble Team about their official Pebble app. It does not work with apps installed on the sdcard. Should be solvable, but the problem with apps not being recognized from the pebble app (and turned off!) at device startup is reported for month now. Remailed it a week ago, and today again. It's urgent. At the moment it's totally unreliable and almost useless to me using an original Pebble. *sigh*

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lara Croft GO Hits Android Later This Year

E3 - Once the biggest gathering for everything gaming, now only a shadow left. But... but this year it's getting forward. And so many companies promoting their games and ideas to the public there.

Square Enix announces Lara Croft GO coming to Android.
Screenshot taken from video. © by Square Enix Montreal. All rights reserved.
This is something very new. A fine new optic, perfect for mobile devices, with smooth animations and hopefully nice puzzles to solve. What you can see in the demo in fact looks so slick, that you want to touch your screen immediately.
Square Enix got big into mobile last year, and seems to continue this course by offering some unique gameplay for the mobile touch based gaming world.

The GO series aims to be a new experience especially for tablets and smartphones. But now we have to patiently wait for the release as it is scheduled vagely as "later this year". Ever wished the year will be over quickly? Nah. Patience... :)

[via Talk Android]

C:geo With Huge Update

Just because it touches Android, I'll give you a note here about an article I posted on Geocaching Hunters.
If you like Geocaching and rock an Android phone, you might want take a look on that. Especiall if you like Geokrets like I do. It will suprise you.

Just mentioning ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to get Google Maps working again: Other Location Providers Can Interfere

If you have a lot of crashes with Google Maps, like there is on the Pipo T9 with 4.4.2 KitKat, then there is a possible solution for you now.

The rare problem can occur if you have Network Location (µg UnifiedNlp for GAPPS-free devices and possibly other Location provider middleware) installed.
These are, like on the Pipo T9, integrated by default. If that is the case, you can't uninstall it, but on most devices you can deactivate it in Settings -> Apps -> All. (It's often referred as "Network Location" in the apps list).

After you got rid of it, Google Play Services should be the only Location provider on your device. Reboot it and Google Maps should work again. At least it's the case on my Tablet. Yay.

There is no definitive explanation why this happens. And obviously it's rare. There was nothing found on the web in particular about Google Maps crashing on almost every Pan & Zoom or when navigating. I assume these alternative location providers interferes with Google Play Services which has its own.

Like always, do this at your own risk. You should be able to reenable it if something won't work, or you have disabled the wrong location provider.

Please note: If you get a warning about Google Play Services being restored to the factory version, cancel disabling. It's not the one you are looking for :). This needs to be installed unless you know what you're doing.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Google Use App2sd And Don't Raid Our Smartphone Memory

Something that bugs me for a long time. Google does not make their apps installable on sdcard or internal device storage. It must be installed to the app storage.
With the ongoing updates to material design the amount of memory the apps need is increasing.
Many devices do have a separate app storage. Devices still selling in stores are sometimes even have only 512MB space for apps. Even more with 1024MB and the better ones with 2048MB.
Not all devices, like the newer Nexus devices can use up the whole memory for apps.
The Nexus S for example has 1024MB app-storage (free to use 980MB according to storage in settings). The other space is marked as USB storage and thus can't be used by Google Android apps.
It really drives me nuts. I have a Pipo T9 Octa Core tablet with 32GB internal storage and 32GB sdcard. And still have to get rid of apps, because Google is not the only one who doesn't care for anything other than app storage. And the Pipo has 3072MB storage for apps.
But let's see how Google is wasting precious memory:

  • Play Store: 15.2MB
  • YouTube: 19MB
  • Play Music 22.3MB
  • Maps 26.7MB
  • Hangouts 33.5MB
  • Inbox 44.6MB
  • Google+ 17.2MB (Data app storage only + 42.7MB) = 59.9MB
  • Chrome 68MB (clean install + much more app storage only data)
  • Google Search 43.9MB (Data app storage only + 29MB) = 73MB
  • Google Play Services 43.5MB (Data app storage only + 43.4MB) = 87MB

Total Google only apps (w/o system services and app storage usage): 449MB
Your device memory for apps:
512MB = 87.7%
1024 MB = 43.85%
2048 MB = 21.92%

With Google+ the only installabe app on sdcard and then uses over 42MB on data, only in this precious storage, is beyond me.
I refuse to install Google Chrome because of that. It could be easily making usage of internal overall storage. If someone has a problem with security issues, okay. Make a warning and let me install it either way. I can't even install games that USES sdcard, because to install it there, the device must have sufficient space left in the app storage.
So, I consequently stop using 3rd party apps that don't let me move it to the sdcard. Do you hear app devs?
But some Google apps, I have no choice. And that is really, really annoying. Every megabyte counts, still in 2014.