Friday, October 13, 2017

Thimbleweed Park Mania

Wow, since 10th of October the Android version of the game is out. With mouse & keyboard support. For me it's the game of the year 2017.

It's strange when I'm diving into the game für hours on my Pixel XL. Never before has an Android game tight me to the tiny screen so much.
Well, but I also played it on the big screen. Yes, it's awesome. Casting the screen via Chromecast to the TV, and using keyboard & mouse on the Pixel. Works like a charm.
But since I'm even playing on the toilet :D (please Ron Gilbert, forgive me... the toilet paper pun was intentional) I enjoy having it on my mobile device, so I can decide big screen or small screen.

It's hard to tell you how awesome this game is. Probably because I immediately felt that Monkey Island feeling, but it's so much more. Even though it feels like 1987 somehow, you definitely experience at all times that this is not a bad try to be retro, but that this is a totally new and fun game. Technically and story-wise.

I could read for hours in that library!
I made a Philips Hue
light scene for
playing the game
Android users had to wait a long time. It was released for almost any system before. But what you have here was worth the wait, with special features. Localization, puns, references, controls... everything has that quality that makes you say "Yes, I know that when Games were something other than boom, boom, bang, bang graphics fireworks". But then again, you know that we always went "Oooh, ahhh, look at that graphics" :).
And here is the magic. I don't know how the great team that programmed this masterpiece made it, but they managed to have a retro-style graphics game without leaving people some kind of disappointed. It's often the case that you know a game from childhood, starting it in an emulator and... well, you'll be some kind of disenchanted. Not here, because like I said is a brand new game, with a retro-style look, but with magical feeling that this is a modern piece of software.

Awesomerino. That's the only word describing it correctly :)
Playable even in languages you don't understand! Must be the Translatron 3000™.
You'll can find that Thimbleweed Park Masterpiece in the Play Store for about 10 bucks.
I'll never look at Thimbleweed the same way as before.

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Google 4th October 2017 Event live recording

In case you missed it, you can rewatch it. Several products were announced. The Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, together with a Pixelbook ChromeOS device.
New Google Home devices such as the Mini and the Max, and a AI-Camera called Google Clips. News about Lens and Assistant improvements were also up the line.
The new Pixel Ear Buds are... well.. good for one feature: Translating. With a hefty price tag, you'll get much better headphones with ANC (see Teufel Mute).
It was a row of greatly appreciated disappointments. You sense that contradiction in that sentence? Yupp. That's exactly the feelings that this event has left. But see it for yourself.

There is some good in it. And I was worried I had to buy a new Pixel phone after shoving out over 1000 last year. Pfew!
No need to replace this buddy!

Monday, April 24, 2017

New My Apps Changes in Google Play

A nice optical and functional tweak has come to the Google Play Store.

The list-like appearance is much more convenient. It also tells you now when the app got the last update. Plus it seems like that now you'll see how big the download is, instead of how big the app is overall. So you can exactly see at a glance what, and how much you will download on an update.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Google Assistant Shopping List is Moving Away From Keep

Again, Google is shuffling features around its services.

The useful Google Assistant shopping list is no longer usable on Google Keep starting today, April 10th.

It's now located within the Google Home app, which seems to be like the central for the Assistant in the future.
Just recently Google added support for different smart home devices within the former Chromecast app.

While I personally think device support belongs to the new Home app, I'm not sure about the list. I find it very convenient having that list on Google Keep.
You could easily share it, or using the widget to have it present on your phone's screen all the time.

We'll have to wait to see what's left of this convenience after the full switch.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Pixel Security Update Fixes Sound Problem for Most Users

The last security update from February 2017 for the Gooogle Pixel fixed the distorted sound problem on high volume and more.

There were some users with that sound issue in different apps. One of these was especially annoying since it didn't help much to lower the volume. That was Google Maps. A great feature is to play the volume even louder on your phone, even when it set to medium level. That made sure you hear the turn-by-turn instructions while driving. The sound distortion on some Pixel devices were heavy and you had to turn this at least to normal. Now it's history.

With the latest update you can set it back on "louder" and having no distortion at all. On other apps the sound is now clear, too. Great!
But that's not all. The "BEEP" on the Google Assistant is back. Some users, including me, had the beep disappeared and there was only a slight vibration instead. This made the assistant almost useless for me, because the sense of it is imho to use it handsfree. So I need an accoustic confirmation and notice when to speak.
Glad that the security update sometimes fixes urgent bugs, too. That's exactly why I shove out so much money. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fire Emblem for Android is now available in the Play Store

Here we go. The 2nd big title directly from Nintendo. Fire Emblem is out as of today as scheduled.
First impressions are very good overall. Very nice graphics, a high fps intro (on the Google Pixel XL), and epic music (not suitable for underway).

The game itself is a classic strategy RPG game with will get a bit skillful pretty fast after start playing.

You do need a stable internet connection. I got this message on the right screenshot several times during the game.

Very nice is the integration of Google Play Games as you can see in the left photo bottom right. That will keep motivation up for many players.
There are some options in the settings to automate some things, which is quite handy on a mobile device, but still give you the choice to play it a bit deeper in terms of controlling.

So the first impression is quite good, and I'm eager to see how this game evolves while playing in terms of fairness and balance the free vs. in-app purchases game play.

It's available now in some countries, including Europe. If you're pre-registered the game, you should get a notification very soon.

Play Store Link: Fire Emblem Heroes