Frodo C64 brings your C64 games to Android

Some of the advantages over the competition is the free market, that allows the use of Emulators. Lately I stumbled upon Frodo C64, a C64-Emulator.

I was very skeptical about it, and downloaded it. It's a free app, so why not? After installing I put some C64 games (.d64) on the SDCard in a directory I liked. Then start the app, select "Load Disk" tap the directory/file. And guess what, I couldn't believe it. It runs. It runs good. I tested a bunch of games and they all worked. It's so much fun, to play those games. And the games doesn't use up space in your phone. They are all on the SDCard. Graphics are fast even on the G1 and it's fast loading, too.
The Joystick emulation is clever, you can use the trackball as well as the hardware keyboard. If you don't have one, you can show a pad or keyboard on the screen. Landscape mode works, too.

However I discovered some minor sound problems, like skipping one note or another in some games, or sounding noisy. It only supports .d64-files. No other types, or zipped disks allowed. But 170KB per disk makes you want to laugh about memory usage on a normal memory card :).
You have to remember that this isn't the final version of Frodo. Nonetheless I will donate some bucks to the devs for this nice app.

So if you want to have some retro-fun, hit the Android marketplace and download this for free.

Name: Frodo C64
Devices: G1 (1.6 checked) and newer, Android 1,6+
Size: 347KB (DL)
Link: Frodo C64 on Androlib
Twitter: shagr4th

  • Free
  • Fast
  • Some options
  • Good Joystick emulation
  • Switch keyboard/joystick in-game
  • Some minor sound glitches
  • No .zip or tape (.p00) supported, only .d64 files
  • Can hook you up to hours of playing and get retro-feelings :)
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