The Nook app for Android.

Yesterday, the app for Android phone hit the Android market. Well, let's say it with one word: Horrbile facepalm.

I don't know what they were thinking to release such a crap-app.
16MB installed (not 5MB as stated) for a simple Book-reader no more features than the good Aldiko (1.6 MB)... How?

I wrote them an email, expressing my infuriation: 

sorry to say but the nook reader software you published today is ridiculous. 
16MB? The 5MB you stated even would be too much, but 16? Really? 
What have you done to achieve this? Storing uncompressed graphics in the .apk? Or just do spaghetti code(can't believe you would do that)? 

It's offending. Aldiko e.g. is really great,loads of functions, library and uses 1.3MB. 
You know, memory is so precious. What were you thinking? 
I need to delete half of my apps for this. I hope you are aware that on some actual android devices the internal memory is like 80MB - updates for sysapps like Google Maps. This is 1/3 of free mem. So 3 apps like yours and the device is full. 

Optimize your code and graphics down to 3MB (installed) and I will give it another try.
I can't believe this. Beware of downloading if you have less than 18MB left.  I've got an error message on one device saying "insufficient memory" and now I can't get of the download list. Screwed."

I buy a lot of apps, and I like to do it. But for this even free is too expensive.