Dev Land - No One Is Above The Devs

Picture by Geek And Poke / Creative Commons BY-ND
Well with all the discussion going on about Android getting traction, support, and interesting, it's always one thing that bugs me: It's meant for the developers.
No matter where you read, pro or con, everyone talking about the developers. Man, if you read this, you could think, devs doing software and apps for other devs. It's a Dev Land, like the Cop Land you know, where anything else doesn't matter. What about customers?

In the first line, I'm a customer. And on that, I don't give a crap about teh developer when I choose my app. I want that app doing things for me, running good, is free or cheap, and do what I want. That's the need of the customers. Why not talking about them? Why not talking about people buying an Android phone because they can get more free apps or cheaper apps?
I really miss that kind of discussion.

I know, it's good to have the developers by the side. But you know, when I watch a movie, I don't care if the producer had a good time making this movie, or if the director got loads of money. Why should I care? Either he is doing it or not. If not, fine. I'll watch a movie from someone other, if he decides not to make another movie, because he hasn't get enough money.

Let's say it: I want everything free and perfectly working. That's not always possible. It's okay, so I pay. But I want to pay as less as I can. You're developer now crying out loud? Well stop discussing about the platform or how much money you want to squeeze out of it. This isn't interesting for the customers.

All the talks about adoption of Android, are going to mean adoption of developers. Yeah right, in the end we have got the perfect platform for developers, without customers. You, as a dev should not forget one thing: You do the stuff for your customers, and if you don't care about them, you will have a hard time making business at all.