Hurt Apple-Fanboys Go Crazy Again

Lol, they really must be hurt getting kicked in the butt by Android. Now another Apple-related site is going berserk. But you better read for yourself, I don't want to spoil that laugh.
My comment to that article (maybe they censor it, wouldn't be a wonder with their master :) ):

LOL, you Apple-Fanboys simply panic, because you see how people are buying Android stuff more and more and leaving your iGestapo products in the dust.
That’s all.
It was a nice time with the iPhone, now it’s time for the robot. Check the numbers and growings.
But you know what?
Why are you so bitter? Isn’t it totally unimportant what the most selling thing is? That’s what I told people when I bought my Mac. They telling me Windows is everywhere, and the Mac-community said, that it’s not a matter of being bought. The best things are not the most sold. Now where is that “ghost” today? You want to be No.1 ? Sorry you had your chance. You want to have fun with your iPhone? Why not? Is it that important to you?
I love my Android, even I would be the only one on the planet that uses it. Apparently I’m not. But it seems that it came exactly like Gandhi once said:
First they ignore us, then they laugh at us, then they fight us, and than we’ve won! Welcome to the new world.
BTW found on Androidtapp