Why Do People Review Obviuos Crap And Rant?

Come on, I mean, wasn't that clear that an $99 Android-tablet is, well, worth $99 bucks? And for such an device it means, it's crap.

Nontheless, ars technica has reviewed it. I couldn't resist to give a comment on a Google Buzz posting from Linda Lawrey, and I think it's a good idea to share it here, too.
"If you want a decent Android tablet go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Archos 70 (7") / 10.1 (10.1").
Those are the only Android tablets right now worth even mentioning.
I mean look, it's quite obvious that such a $99 tablet won't be the best ever. I can't keep people from reviewing such crap, but sometimes it's quite clear that it's done only for one reason: To discredit Android.
It's a shame that the Android name can be used for such junk, but that's the price of freedom. Android != Android. Just like there are great PC-Systems that runs good, fast and reliable. And then there are the cheap $150 PCs which can't even run a current available game and crashes after 1 hour because of heating problems or bad parts.
Choose your Android wisely.