Hey, It's Ice Cream Sandwich!

2008 Google Developer Day in Japan - Press Con...Image via WikipediaOkay, the next version of Android is called "Ice Cream Sandwich". While I'm not sure if this is just a joke from Andy Rubin, something other raises a speculation in my mind.

I wrote immediately after seeing Honeycomb that it might be for tablets only. And in the last episode of CNet's Android Atlas Weekly they had a guest from Google. And it seems very clear that I'm right. And even more, it looks like that Honeycomb is a complete different version series. Honeycomb for tablets is Android 3.0 where the version of Android for phones will apparently continue with 2.4 (apparently Ice Cream Sandwich).
This is most interesting and underlines what I thought about Honeycomb. It isn't made for phones, but as he pointed out, you could use it on some screen-sizes.
I'm excited about the upcoming changes, although I now wait for Gingerbread on my Samsung Galaxy Tab.