Google Music Cloud And Web-based Android Market on Wednesday?

The rumor is spreading. Well, it's about time for the cloud music service from Google. And it's way beyond the time for an web-based market. Now Android and Me has information, or a rumor, about those two services will start on Wednesday.

While there are clear sign that something will happen soon, it would be the best point for me. Like many people, made hot for the cloud, I'm looking for a music service where I can put my own music in the cloud in addition to buy new tracks. There are some solutions, but either not tightly integrated with Android, or simply offering to less for too much money. Hopes are high that Google offers their already existing storage solution to upload your music. That would be great at a price of $5/20GB a year!

For the web-based Android market, it's clearly beyond the time people would like to have it. I don't know what took so long. Maybe there are legal problems, exposure (yeah, the content and licensing industry will have fun to search the market easily via the web), or simply a logistic problem. How do you manage to put stuff from the web on the phone? And how to pay? Sure, this can be solved, and some companies offered push-install before, but imagine the good news if someone manage to install stuff from the web to your phone and you get even charged for that.

Now we should wait for tomorrow, to see if the rumors were true at all.

[via Android and Me]