MWC Dominated By Android - Barcelona Olé!

Even the Wall Street Journal has to admit, that Android is the big thing. And not only at the Mobile World Congress.

Pic by Androidify / CC BY
It's almost time to say the war is over. Android has won. The press and the major tech-blogs are still trying to save what's left, but there is no way the market domination for the next couple of years can get taken away, because of that massive support of manufacturers. And it's no standard that was forced into people minds. It was forced into manufacturers minds by the people. Remember when almost anyone aid, they won't do an Android phone? It's not "our model", there is "no market for it". But the customers wanted it. They bought it no matter from which company it was. The G1 was much beaten by the press. And it set the mark for the success. The big Motorola stepped in the ring long after HTC. And produced a hit with the Droid/Milestone. Now every big manufacturer of smartphones are having some Android phones in their portfolio. Not exclusively. And that's fine. That's a sign that they don't get forced into dictator-like contracts. It's a win-win situation for manufacturers. They can bet on Android and other systems. HTC has Windows Phone 7 and Android. Samsung has Android and Bada, and so on.

These are great times for Android users and or hardware-developers. And yes, HTC won the prize for the "Device Manufacturer of the Year" at Barcelona. Olé!