Now official again: Honeycomb Is Not For Phones

Some Google employee already said it, but everyone wanted to believe that Honeycomb is coming to phones. It's not. Andrew Kovacs now makes that clear on an interview with the PC Magazine.

And that means it's what I said from the first day I saw Honeycomb. It's a new branch. 3.X for Tablets and 2.X for phones.
So don't be disappointed, it absolutely makes sense. There is no way that this kind of GUI is usable on small screens, I would say <7 inch. They need to do a complete redesign. And such a redesign can't be named Honeycomb.

However, technologies from Honeycomb are likely making it in "Ice Cream Sandwich". Even the name suggests it. So, don't get mad. The newest version of Android for phones is currently Gingerbread, followed by Ice Cream Sandwich, while the tablet os is Honeycomb. Now we need to wait if Samsung says their Galaxy Tab is a phone or a tablet :).

[via Talk Android]