Tablet Prices After The iPad 2 Announcement

By Google/Androidify - CC BY
You can say what you want, but the iPad 2 is cheap. And that's not meant offending.

With all the Android tablets coming out, the prices are always the thing where you shake your head and ask if the companies don't watch the market at all. Of course you could always say, that they have dual-core and cameras. Well, no more. That's exactly what the iPad 2 has. Starting $499. No joke.

Look, I don't care about the small little details, but if a normal customer comes in a store and seeing the epensive Android-tablet they might not even heard about, and on the side there is the iPad 2 with all the PR and knowledge about that Apple-thing, the decision is made.
Gina Trapani, normally I would consider her an Android-fan, just announced at the latest TWiG, that she passes on the Xoom and buys an iPad 2. I think it's a terrible wrong decision, because the Xoom is still much better than the iPad 2, which plays catch-up technically with the Android-tablets. But this is how things are. There is magic, there is a widespread knowledge of the brand, and there are support.

Now what you need to do, to make it a real, tough competitor to the iPad 2? It must be cheaper, more powerful and advertising, advertising, advertising. And if that means you make losses in the bginning, well may it be. And Samsung might get it. They already announced to reconsider the price for the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. And that's exactly what they need to do.
You can expect that other manufacturers also need to lower their prices. Especially Motorola must do that with the Xoom. I'm not sure if they do it. They are sometimes ignoring facts consistently.