Skype Releasing Video-Chat On Android Soon? Why Not Google?

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 01:  In this photo illust...Image by Getty Images via @daylife / All rights reserved.There is already a pre-version of Skype with Video. And still, nothing from Google and GTalk.

It's a shame. Google has GTalk on any Android device. GTalk can be used for video and audio chat on desktop. Why in the world, they are not having this from day one? Or at least with 2.2? Still in Gingerbread, there isn't an integrated audio/video chat client extension for GTalk. I'm sure Google does have a reason, but it's definitely something the competition is way ahead.

And now even Skype seems to be not far away from releasing a video-chat version of the Android-client. Android Community has a short review and interestingly a link to download this early version.
Come on Google, if Skype can do it, you can do it. But hey, now that Skype almost did it, is there a need? Yes, because I don't need more and more apps for one and the same reason. I want GTalk doing it. It needs to run anyway for IM... so what?

[via Android Community]