New Android Market Via OTA - Where Is Mine?

Another new version (3.1.3) of the Android Market is gonna get rolled out starting today OTA.
What's the deal, I still didn't get the prior version. And this is strange. According to major sites, it was a world-wide update. So everyone should have it by now. Is it just me? No, none of my friends got the market either.

So let's hope this version will come out to my devices quickly. Of course, it comes with some de-improvments in my eyes. The left-out of the "Just in" tab is a big disadvantage. I checked it several times a day to track new apps coming out. No more. It's insane. How will a new app, from a small or new developer, appear now? Nowhere, right. I'm not happy about this.

A good thing however, you can activate that no purchase is made without entering a pin. That is nice. It helps you to prevent purchases by accident. I hope this counts for in-app purchases, too.

See talkandroid for more.