Samsung Galaxy S II In Europe Under Attack From Apple

Stupidity in Europe seems to be common. At least if you look for judges there. In The Hague the injunction from Apple was successful in the first step.
Now a ban of Samsung Galaxy II devices, as well as Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S, is nearing in the EU. It does not include the Galaxy Tab 10.1. However, we all can come down. This won't last long, until a real judge is lifting this ban again. But it's sad to see patent-trolls can get heard so easily. European courts have now to decide if they want to make fools out of themselves, or protect companies with good, new, and innovating stuff from those who just want to sue everybody, when they see their market-share goes down. But the consumer, does play a role in this.

It's now up to the customers to decide which company they support. Innovation or patent-trolling?
Samsung Galaxy S II Banned in Europe by Apple Injunction:
"In a manner extremely similar to what we saw just about a week ago (then quickly limited in scope), Apple has successfully worked with Dutch courts in The Hague to, starting today, issue a preliminary injunction against three Samsung devices: the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Ace, and Galaxy S. This injunction, just like the last, due to EU law, bans the devices from sale across the entire European Union. This injunction does not include the Galaxy Tab 10.1, though with a case going on in Germany at the same time, Apple may be choosing case locations where they’ll be most effective.
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