Finally: Decent Android Music Docks

Yeah that was really something it sucked! Trying to find a music dock with a good speaker for Android devices. Now Philips has introduced 3 interesting docks, that make your Android go boom!

Philips Fidelio Android Docking Speakers
Photo by Philips Communications @Flickr / All rights reserved.

The Fidelio range for Android has three models AS111[pdf], AS351[pdf] and the AS851[pdf].
To fit to most of the Android-phones, it has a micro-usb dock that can be used for portrait and landscape mode, with an interesting connector. You can already pre-order it on Amazon.The price ranges between $100 and $208.
There is also a special Android-app for the dock, that makes your device easy to control and includes internet-radio, too.

It was about time... And now I have another item in my "wanted-list"

[via Philips IFA Press-Release]