Verizon Takes Side With Samsung Against Apple

Photo © by Harold Edgerton
Verizon has told the US courts to reject the request from Apple for an injunction of some Samsung devices. This gives Samsung a strong partner in the fight agains Apple.

I'm not saying that Verizon is now on the good site, but this will have influence. I'm very aware that the largest US-Carrier is not doing this for being nice. They see where the big money will be made in the upcoming years. It's with Android devices.
Verizon is not dump. They do what's in the interest of their shareholders, no matter what. But as one market in the world after another is won over by Android, they simply can not afford to have problems selling their Android devices in the US. They make a huge amount of money with those phones and tablets.

I'm also sure, Apple will have a fit about this. Expect to see revenge acts from Apple, like they did already against Samsung. Samsung however, is now playing even harder, and is apparently trying to forbid the launch of the iPhone5 in Europe. And chances are 50:50. Apple infringes several patents according to Samsung, and they played nice. No more says Lee Younghee of Samsung.

Slowly, but inevitable, the sling around Apple's neck, that they summoned by their own, is getting tighter. Looks like playing the patent-troll card isn't always the best idea. And now I go for some popcorn...