ChatON Is Now Available In The Android Market

Samsung Group HeadquarterImage via WikipediaFinally Samsung's ChatON is available in the official market.
However, don't hold your breath. Apparently Samsung's servers can't hold the traffic. The verification codes do not arrive.
I wait for hours now, but nothing. Keep pressing "Resend" doesn't help. So, I can't write a review :(. I hope I'll get the verification code today.

For now, I can say, that, like I expected, ChatON is working with your mobile phone number to identify you. That means, it works like WhatsApp or KakaoTalk. It was a must-have to easily identify if your friends have this installed, too. That's very important for an app that aims to replace SMS and other messaging systems. So if it works like WhatsApp, you can see immediately after the set up, which of your friends are already using it.

ChatON is a messaging app for all major platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Desktop and even BadaOS, Samsung's own mobile OS.

I'll do another post, as soon as I get the code and fire up the app. Here's a video until then...