What's Up With WhatsApp ?

I just read (beware of German) on accident, that it was removed from the iTunes-Store. It's still available on Android.
Now there are messages flying around, saying that it won't be free anymore from January 28, 2012.
Image by abulhussain via Flickr
Rubbish, says Chip online. Those messages are fake. It still is distracting, although the official statement that WhatsApp will cost $9.99/year after the first free year, is already removed. And still, there are no answers, why the app was removed from the app-store. Apparently a new version is held by Apple and waiting to be released.

Thanks to the open approach on the Android Market, there is no missing app there. But the uncertainty remains, whether it will be free forever, or going to cost.

One more reason to stay with the email/GTalk or XMPP combination, which is more flexible and realtime on modern devices. With any attachment. I wrote about this before.