Signs Of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

These are my Jelly Belly jelly beans, and you ...

Breaking news happened on Thursday as a bill pops up on the Internet stating that Jelly Bean will be Version 4.1 and not, like many of us thought before, 5.0.

It's a bit surprising for me. It indicates that Jelly Bean at least will not have more of a new UI than some little cosmetic changes. Which makes total sense. The ICS UI just won a design award and is one of the most asked for UI in the history of Android. More than that, people keep demanding the Ice Cream Sandwich UI. So why change it?

But something other is even more interesting in my humble opinion. It states that the Galaxy Nexus will be the first phone receiving Jelly Bean. Yes, the Galaxy Nexus. That could only mean, we will get 4.1 soon and probably mean, that the introduction of new Nexus-Phones might be pushed back a little.
This also makes total sense as rumors say that five Nexus phones will be released instead of only one. Google can't summon them out of thin air. Apparently different companies must rework one of their own models.

Looks like the Galaxy Nexus users are going to be happy this time, not to get 4.1 Jelly Bean "in time" but first. Now that is a good move. However, let's see if the Nexus S can hold to that. Again, the 4.1 version number makes it more likely that it can run on the Nexus S, too.

Photo: Photographed and eaten by Brandon Dilbeck on August 30, 2006. See also Image:JellyBellyPile.JPG Image:EndlessSeaOfJellyBeans.jpg Image:RedJellyBean.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)