Interesting: iPhone 5 just copies Samsung?

The new iPhone 5 was introduced yesterday. Oh what a strange coverage. Most fanatics just repeated the words from the presentation. But what has changed? It's a bigger display...

One more row of icons. What a brilliant invention in history. 4 inches, the dream phone... Yeah, sarcasm all the way. But that's it. a 4 inch screen. not even 4.3. Oh did I mention, it's thinner.
But as soon as I heard "the thinnest" I started to laugh. The Motorola Droid Razr is thinner and more Android phones already. Lies, lies, lies...and the iSheeps will believe them. They want to believe. But it's wrong. And yes, 4+ inch phones where around on Android forever. They called it "It doesn't make sense to have such a big display on a phone". Now it makes sense? Good that apparently Apple can learn from Android manufacturers. But they need to learn from them how to integrate new and innovative features. The last real improvements where the notification bar, ripped of from Android.
So all Android-Fans can breath in relief, as this is in no way any competition for the newest Android-Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S III or the HTC One XL.

Bad times may come for them. Android is miles ahead, and yesterday, they just lost some more miles.