Please, Don't Root Your Glasses

For the first time, I think it's not good that you can root/unlock Google Glass. It was reported that it would be quite easy to do so.
If this is spreading via mass press, and it will, it brings the problem that you can do everything with it, makes the stealth recording possible that everyone fears. 

Impromptu Google Glass Improv
Impromptu Google Glass Improv (Photo credit: jurvetson)
At the time, Google made a clever move to not let you make photos and videos without letting everyone in front of you know, by using the on screen displays. and the gesture that you need to initiate. With a rooted device, these "hurdles" are gone.
The problem with this is, that consumers will quickly lose trust in this product. This would be bad. And it's not because you can do something which might be not legal, but something which people seems to worry about. For something you want to use in public, this couldn't get any worse. Right now, journalists all over the world are reporting that Glass isn't as intrusive as you thought. But if someone modify Glass to record stuff and make photos without any sign or gesture, mass media and the public will go berserk

I hope that if the consumer device comes out, it's not rootable. Not because I think it's good to have a closed device, but to take people away their fear. It will rise and fall for you too, if you are not allowed to use this anywhere.