Lara Croft GO Hits Android Later This Year

E3 - Once the biggest gathering for everything gaming, now only a shadow left. But... but this year it's getting forward. And so many companies promoting their games and ideas to the public there.

Square Enix announces Lara Croft GO coming to Android.
Screenshot taken from video. © by Square Enix Montreal. All rights reserved.
This is something very new. A fine new optic, perfect for mobile devices, with smooth animations and hopefully nice puzzles to solve. What you can see in the demo in fact looks so slick, that you want to touch your screen immediately.
Square Enix got big into mobile last year, and seems to continue this course by offering some unique gameplay for the mobile touch based gaming world.

The GO series aims to be a new experience especially for tablets and smartphones. But now we have to patiently wait for the release as it is scheduled vagely as "later this year". Ever wished the year will be over quickly? Nah. Patience... :)

[via Talk Android]