Pebble app & Matejdro Notification Center not working

I wrote this morning to the developer of the Notification Center for the Pebble, because the latest updates completely broke the app, and now I'm having quite some problems with notifications and with the connection to the Pebble. Something terrible was changed.
Let's see if I get response. I hope the dev of this app does have more motivation today, because this is a very urgent problems.

Meanwhile I also contacted the Pebble Team about their official Pebble app. It does not work with apps installed on the sdcard. Should be solvable, but the problem with apps not being recognized from the pebble app (and turned off!) at device startup is reported for month now. Remailed it a week ago, and today again. It's urgent. At the moment it's totally unreliable and almost useless to me using an original Pebble. *sigh*