Bloggeroid is still the best blogger.com app

And that's a shame. The official app for blogger from Google seems dead in the water. I don't know. It's frustrating, and I keep asking myself how long it will take before blogger will be abandoned.

Thankfully there is Bloggeroid.
It has all basic features. You have to deal with wiki-style format options, which is kind of strange if you are not used to it. I'll guess that's why it not very popular. However, it's very stable and posts can be saved to sdcard when you have bad reception somewhere.
A few settings for images and inserting are available. So, there is now alternative on the market.

Blogger is a sad chapter of Google now. I can only hope that it will remain available for a long time. Maybe an overhaul of Bloggeroid would be a good thing. Would you donate to the developer for a more modern app to post to blogger?