Threema and the lost business model

I had to have a coffee to discover that Threema is trying to sell the lack of basic messenger features as an advantage over WhatsApp. *doh*

I'll guess that's not the last milligram caffeine for today O.o., but at the moment I don't need more. I'm wide awake after reading a pathetic statement from Threema about WhatsApp encryption by showing what DOESN'T work right on Threema and saying they respect "metadata".
I don't know where to start. First there are always metadata, secondly Threema is, like WhatsApp, not open source, so we only have their word. And that's not good enough when trying to show the advantages about the competition. and third and most important, a lot of features they say produly "not with us" are basic messenger features. I wouldn't use it without that ability to see if someone is online, or see when they received a message.
I have important stuff to talk about with my friends. And it is essential to know if they can, and when they received a message. And I need to see when they are online.
Even with the free and opensource XMPP + OTR you can see this. It's that important. Much more important than the weak try to badmouth the competition when the own "security model" is out of business.
I will talk about it in detail at tomorrow's AndCast episode. Get the popcorn ready!

Update: The EFF sees it a bit differently than Threema:
Photo: Screenshot from EFF Website. Creative Commons License BY 3.0 US
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