Google Trips is Pretty and Useful

Google Trips is out. I'm glad I'm in the first line in this beta test. I made some experience with it, and I really hope this will emerge soon for everyone.

Google Trips collect all you reservation from Gmail or Inbox and makes it accessible. You can add locations around from recommendations you'll get automatically within the app, you can save favorites and you'll find out about places to eat near you. A great feature is to download the whole info package for a location to use it offline.

You can also add any trip manually, which is a real great thing, since you're not always book a hotel for a trip. Now you can manage your trips in one place. Nice idea.

The UI is very nice and easy to understand. However this is an early beta and the team wants feedback. I'll gave them and will continue to try out stuff.
One little thing that could get better are restaurant recommendations. Have a sort of filter for price range or vegan/vegetarian options to show would be much better.

All in all I really like what I see here and how the app works. Let's hope it's out of beta soon, so anyone can enjoy it.