Pixel XL Camera: Even my dedicated digital camera gave up

You probably already read about the excellent camera in the Pixel/Pixel XL. I made some tests for myself and was quite impressed.
A just for fun try with a Samsung WB251F digital compact camera and the Pixel XL shockingly didn't turn out good for the dedicated Samsung camera. Sure a normal camera is still better, with the 18x zoom alone, but in terms of real colors and details I was baffled how a smartphone camera can be better.

Left the WB251F. Google Pixel XL on the right.
Mind the details. You can see the rough surface of the picture which it really is, while the compact camera makes a blurred and washed out photo. Also the coloring is much more real.
I made some more shots and short videos and let you decide if the camera can keep its promise.
You can see and download the files on Google Drive. To see the real quality you need to download them and play it on your device directly. The preview feature of Google Drive does not show the original quality.