Fire Emblem for Android is now available in the Play Store

Here we go. The 2nd big title directly from Nintendo. Fire Emblem is out as of today as scheduled.
First impressions are very good overall. Very nice graphics, a high fps intro (on the Google Pixel XL), and epic music (not suitable for underway).

The game itself is a classic strategy RPG game with will get a bit skillful pretty fast after start playing.

You do need a stable internet connection. I got this message on the right screenshot several times during the game.

Very nice is the integration of Google Play Games as you can see in the left photo bottom right. That will keep motivation up for many players.
There are some options in the settings to automate some things, which is quite handy on a mobile device, but still give you the choice to play it a bit deeper in terms of controlling.

So the first impression is quite good, and I'm eager to see how this game evolves while playing in terms of fairness and balance the free vs. in-app purchases game play.

It's available now in some countries, including Europe. If you're pre-registered the game, you should get a notification very soon.

Play Store Link: Fire Emblem Heroes