App of the Week: Aura Kingdom

Whenever a real big MMORPG is released on Android, I'm going very excited. Normally this excitement vaporizes quickly.
This one however could be really big.

The graphics are very nice, anime-style from ground on (mind the cute cat-girl pose on the loading screen =^.^= ), great sound, and a promising intro and story at first. Of course, the game falls and stands with the later story in the game, but a good beginning has been made so far, dragging reality into the game at some point.
The chars are really nice. The customization however is not really extensive, so you can expect a lot of same looking chars running around the world.
If you don't care much about that, you can enjoy a mobile optimized attack system, with an auto feature (I believe it's a must on a mobile device, but feels weird if you play mmorpgs on your computer or PS4).

The memory you'll need on your device is massive. After the installation (almost 1GB app from the play store) it downloads even more data from the server and stores it in your device. After that, it uses up a mind-boggling 1.9GB on the phone.
Expect more data installing when more gameplay content are available.
It's those moments when you wished you bought a device with more storage...

It was a sure app of the week. It was only a question if the short time I had to play was enough to made up my mind. It was. Because it's brilliant from the start.
Yes it's free2play. Expect to spend some money when you want a quick level up and great gear. That's how things are. I would rather have had pay to play instead. But mmorpgs normally have a monthly cost. So if you put this in perspective and spend the money for a monthly cost, like say 8-12 bucks, you can get some real advantage.
Is this game pay2win or not? Only time will tell.

You can download it for free in the Play Store: Aura Kingdom