App of the Week: Karateka Classic

Karateka is a game from 1984. You don't need to talk about it much. Or do you?
Well it's back on Android. Even there for quite some time. This week I was searching around in my library to find a little gem for making it app of the week.
as soon as I stumbled on this title it was clear. And that's for a reason. Retro games are fascinating. And Karateka was THE graphical highlight back then. On mobile it's just a great game that fits perfectly. What once was a huge game, is now a low memory profile app. The thing is as a computer game it felt like a graphic demo sometimes. There was no huge story line and no need to play this for 10+ hours to finish it.

That's exactly what you'd expect from a mobile game that you can play casually through the train stops.
Karateka made a great jump onto mobile and into the present. For nostalgic reasons, they even made the sound of the floppy drives when part of the games loaded from disk into memory. Not that this would be necessary today :).
It's only €0.99 one-time to play this forever. Jupp, just like the old days, when you bought your games and can play them completely (!) without buying anything afterwards. No season pass, no in-game items... weird.

Download from the Play Store: Karateka Classic