App of the Week: Ramen Craze

You probably know I really love ramen. And as it happens a new Anime is out at Crunchyroll "Koizumi-san loves Ramen Noodles".
And that means I'm in serious trouble keeping my mind away from ramen. Even when using my smartphone (huh, and people talk about smartphone addiction... meh).

The game can get really stressful very quickly. But that is the essence of games of this type. You need to handle the customers quickly. Think it's too hard? Try to survive as an employee in a real Japanese ramen shop...
The graphics are more than good enough for the gameplay. The manga-style fits perfectly. Indeed, this is how you want a game about Japanese food. Don't even try to imagine XYZmen trying to eat a bowl of Japanese noodles. They would probably lose all of their super powers immediately :).
The sound is okay. You can turn off the music and use your own playlist of J-Pop or anime songs for this. The sound effects are good and funny.

Yes, it's a free-2-Play game with in-app purchases. A big downside. But all in all it's not done too unfair. You can play fine in the beginning without spending any money. And then you just need to be patient. Prices for the packages is for everyone to decide for themselves if good or not.
The game itself is great and with my current ramen craze it was inevitable for this to be app of the week.

Download from the Play Store: Ramen Craze