App of the Week: Inoreader

After the new Google News app appeared this week, I was testing it. And unfortunately as expected it turned out to select the news very much of what Google believes it's "good" journalism. A very clear channeling of specific news, even though I have clearly favorite some news sources, and Google knows me very good, they rarely appeared on my news feed. Enough about that.
I have found a solution.

You want news from sources YOU care without any censoring from the platform? You want to watch specific Twitter accounts without even using Twitter? You want to curate your own channel to broadcast news YOU are thinking is worth the share for everyone?
Yes, you can! ;) There is an app for that...

Inoreader uses the old but still gold RSS-feed feature that almost any website has. With that even YouTube channels and Twitter accounts can be tied in to your daily feed of news curated by you, not by others. After subscribing to the feeds by entering the RSS-feed directly or the website you want to add, you will get the latest articles presented unfiltered. You can also subscribe by choosing one of the many recommended sources, but you don't have to rely on their catalog. Enter the URL of podcasts, sites and anything with RSS, by clicking the magnifying glass in the subscription screen and click again on the little drawer with the down arrow on the upper-right.

With all the attempts to give you the news others want to shove up your throat, this is as free as it can get in the internet. In terms of freedom of information.
Some features are not free in terms of free beer :). While all the basic features are usable for free, it will cost you a yearly fee to use some premium stuff. If you're a news junkie it's definitely worth it. If you just want to read news casually but uncensored, the free basic version is great!

Download from the Play Store:  Inoreader (News Reader)


App of the Week: Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest

Even though this is not an RPG (what's all that false RPG claiming lately?), it's a pretty neat same match game combined with a basic base building game.

Sounds complicated? Well, it isn't at all. You can mainly play your match game and everything else will be well guided, so it won't disturb much.
However to get stronger and your attacks on opponents in the matching game are more serious, you'll have to build up your base. Of course either with long waiting or buying in-game currency.

It's a fun game that sucks you right in it and keeps enjoying it for a while. If it lasts long, that remains to be seen. It's not a brand new idea, but very well made.

Download from the Play Store: Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest


App of the Week: Tapsonic World Champion

Those kind if games are famous in Japan and Asia as a whole.
In the western hemisphere Guitar Hero was the most popular game of this genre. Music tap games. You tap in rhythm of a song. If you think that's easy, think again.

And that's where it gets challenging. Yes, you can play some easy songs, but if you want to participate in international challenges, which you can with this app, you'll better train a few hours per day.
There will be insane levels when your finger need to fly over the screen like crazy. Lot's of different songs are ready for you, more challenging every time.
If you are into such games, this one will you bring many hours of fun... or frustration :)

Download from the Play Store: Tapsonic World Champion 


App of the Week: Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Yes, another RPG. A real RPG. This app of the week was supposed to be Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. But it didn't make it since it was a great failure and definitely no RPG.

This one, yeah, this is a mobile RPG at its best. Good graphics, great sounds, a real RPG playing style like you would expect and greatly adapted to mobile usage on a smartphone or tablet.
And the franchise is also a name. Sword Art Online has dozens of games, manga and a anime series that made it famous.

Play in the world of Aincrad and reach the 100th floor in the virtual RPG in an RPG. Yes, that's always a part as this series is about a virtual online game. Nice plot that seems to keep people satisfied for years now. This new game makes it even more fun.

Download from the Play Store: Sword Art Online: Integral Factor


App of the Week: Distance & Area Measurement

Sometimes finding an app of the week has strange ways.
This time I initially tested a floor plan app that uses the camera to measure rooms. It was a fail :)
But I found another solution for a problem I have a lot of times: Measuring distances on maps and even calculating an area precisely.

This app does all that on top of Google Maps. Its very easy as you can see in the video.
There is not much to say about this. It's awesome and you'll get the measures in no time.

Download from Play Store: Distance & Area Measurement


App of the Week: Karateka Classic

Karateka is a game from 1984. You don't need to talk about it much. Or do you?
Well it's back on Android. Even there for quite some time. This week I was searching around in my library to find a little gem for making it app of the week.
as soon as I stumbled on this title it was clear. And that's for a reason. Retro games are fascinating. And Karateka was THE graphical highlight back then. On mobile it's just a great game that fits perfectly. What once was a huge game, is now a low memory profile app. The thing is as a computer game it felt like a graphic demo sometimes. There was no huge story line and no need to play this for 10+ hours to finish it.

That's exactly what you'd expect from a mobile game that you can play casually through the train stops.
Karateka made a great jump onto mobile and into the present. For nostalgic reasons, they even made the sound of the floppy drives when part of the games loaded from disk into memory. Not that this would be necessary today :).
It's only €0.99 one-time to play this forever. Jupp, just like the old days, when you bought your games and can play them completely (!) without buying anything afterwards. No season pass, no in-game items... weird.

Download from the Play Store: Karateka Classic