I'm Furious About The Galaxy Tab Price Tag

I'm really disappointed about the price tag according to heise online.
What is Samsung thinking? This is insane. It's almost offending.
Are the lost their sense of reality, or completely depending on subsidiaries?
This will turn out to be a huge flop in Europe. Only very few people will make another expensive contract with huge monthly costs for a tablet. It's a gimmick. You don't need it, you just want to have one for the coolness. But with this price?

The situation in Europe: You go to a normal electronic store. A huge presenter is having 4 iPads, and the employee is all about selling you one of those because the commissions are huge for selling one. And then, with all the brainwash from that person, you see the prices. You can get one without 3G. It says €499 16GB! Okay, we need to compare the 3G. It's €599 16GB! But you know You'll get 32GB for €699 and 64(!)GB for $799.

Are Samsung just dumb or what? How dare to offer their late 7" tablet for €799 with 32GB when the big boy is already out for many moons and offering 64GB and a 9.7" screen and thousands of apps perfectly optimized for their device?

I'm an Android-lover and an Apple-hater, and this is why this drives me furious. This will harm Android in Europe. I'm really upset about this.
The Samsung Tablet needs to be much, much cheaper than the iPad with the same RAM and without contract to get a grip on the nearly departed train of tablets. Now Apple can wave Android-tablets bye bye, if there is no other Android-tablet on the IFA that gains the interest of the media very soon.

Everyone was talking about the Samsung-Tablet and now they all gonna laugh about it. Thanks, Samsung.

I now might take a look at Toshiba's tablet and especially the new 10.1 from Archos. But they did not gain the traction from the media, which means they can save the face of Android in the tablet-market.

PS: Daily Mail wrote that according to an employee it will cost only about £200. That's about $309 or €240. But I'll guess this is the subsidiarity-price from Vodafone, which would be then even more offending. This won't go anywhere in Europe where every cent is spent carefully.

Update: It seems to official now. The insane price tag is true. Ridiculous and in no way appropriate by the devices already available. Sad, a good contender just eliminated itself...