The Archos-Drama

Well it's getting worse with the 10.1" tablet. As I mentioned before, the biggest tablet from Archos is sold out.

Their own online-shop said it takes until November. Now the date is set until December. I still have no response on my email why they never made it available for their own customers. It looks bad, to be honest. All the joy is gone for the moment. I'm upset and, as I already wrote, I can not understand why they pulling this stuff out in electronic-market chains where the personal don't even know about it, and the early-adopters left in the rain on their own web-shop.
Meanwhile, people are complaining about pixel errors at the screen. Also the 256 MB RAM turned out to be a problem.

So, now what? I don't know. The first 10 inch tablet with Android available to me will be bought, no matter what brand it is. Or should I go with a 7" tablet with insane pricing? Or keep my hopes up for the Notion Ink Adam?

Seriously, this all sucks. I want an Android tablet, NOW.