Honeycomb Google Event Not Only For Honeycomb [Video]

A lot of new things has been introduced and announced at the Honeycomb event on 02.02.2011.

A short overview. There's a full video from the event at the end.
  • New Android Market over the web
  • Install apps via web
  • You can buy things within the app
  • CNN showed Honeycomb exclusive app
  • Google Talk Video Chat demoed (yes!)
  • Disney to release apps. Tap Tap Revenge e.g.
  • Some diffuse talking about "Cloud Services" as a hub
Well I'm a little bit disappointed that nothing is announced regarding the cloud-based music service. There were some hints, but you know, we hear this hints for over a year now...
At last it was an Honeycomb event. So it might get announced later. Everyone who wants to watch the interesting event, you can do so.
See the official video from Google after the jump.