Why Seesmic For Android Jumped The Shark

It was a high hope, and it was crushed. Seesmic for Android is not even near the iPhone-Version. And worse of all, the developers keep on telling, it's coming.

Loïc Le Meur at the LeWeb 3 conference, in dec...Image via Wikipedia
For month now, we wait for the Android-version of Seesmic to catch up with the iPhone one. Loic Le Meur and his, with no doubt, great team, promised in tweets and mails that it will "coming soon"! And this is going on for many month now. I don't believe it. I don't know why they don't catch up, but, let's face it: It's over!
TweetDeck is far ahead, treats all platforms the same, and it won't give you 2nd class feeling, when instead you should be in the 1st class with the number of sales of Android.

What is it, that keeps Seesmic from a decent Android version?
In a Tweet, it was mentioned that other things have higher priority. What? To get through the list of things to be done, you first should catch up having the same level. A quick look at the webpage shows the advertised features for both versions... pathetic.

Android iPhone
Ping.FM --- Dozens of Social Networks
Spaces --- Dashboard
Evernote --- Save

That makes a totally different product. While you can use the iphone version for a big number of social networks, the Android-version is just for a single service. The Dashboard interface is another major difference. And while saving on Evernote might not be the big thing, it again shows that there is a big gap between both versions.

But I have given up on Seesmic. I feel that the Android-client is not maintained the same way. And I don't give about a 2nd class treatment, when something like TweetDeck is around. It still makes me sad and thinking that there is no Android love at Seesmic.