Samsung Galaxy S2 For Preorder On Amazon Germany

The first Amazon Preorder for the Galaxy S2 dual-core phone has been set in Germany this time.
Copyright by Samsung. All rights reserved. Press Photo.

Wonders may happen when exactly Europeans are beginning too feel like living in old-tech-land. And they get it first, as it seems. But you can be sure, it will only take weeks before you get this hottie in the U.S. The european price is €599. You can expect nearly that same price in $. Yes, you know they always pay a lot more for their tech.

This Android phone is considered to be the most powerful phone ever. No matter if Android or not. Dual-core 2 x 1GHz, Android 2.3, 16GB RAM, expandable by 32GB via microSHCD, 1080p recording and playback, 8MP camera with flash, and 2MP camera for video-chat and Super-Plus AMOLED 4.3" screen with Gorilla Glass.
What do you want more? Maybe frequent updates of the OS...

Tough times to consider in Europe which phone to buy in March with Nexus S, Galaxy S2 and LG P990 Optimus Speed (Optimus 2X). Boom... let the core-wars begin.