Samsung Galaxy Tab eBook Reader

As if we couldn't think about that... After the rumors that Amazon brings a new Galaxy Tab 7" based eReader soon, Galaxy Tabbing made a little article about using your Tab for exactly that purpose.

I'm a big eInk-fan. So I prefer my eReader (Oyo) over any LCD tablet. But if you don't care about that, the Galaxy Tab has all it takes to give you a great reader experience. Besides fantastic, and already integrated reader apps, there is a variety of apps you can download for free from the market. Including the Kindle app, which let's you read the big library of Amazon eBooks.

The integrated apps are for magazines and press publications, Kobo for eBooks, and a Aldiko-like reader for non-protected books. The Kobo eReader has a fully integrated store, and it's great. I buy a lot of books on Kobo. They have good prices and a nice UI.. So everything you need to read a book is already on your Tab. And if you want more... welcome to the world of Android.

[via Galaxy Tabbing]