Twidroyd Hits 6.0.1

The famous Twitter app Twidroyd, that also can post to Facebook, is now available in a new version. Shortly after the big 6.0 release there is a little update of the update :).

Live preview of @twidroyd on the Galaxy tab lo...Image by Arvid via Flickr
New in 6.0:
  • new: navigate in twidroyd with the awesome and fully customizable UberBar (w00t!)
  • new: new login method to support twitter’s web based oAuth workflow
  • new: (awesome) app Icon
  • new: option to show exact timestamp
  • new: verified user icon
  • new: when replying to a retweet, compose window will be prefilled with the user name of the person who retweeted
  • new: ask before discarding a tweet
  • new: added indicator bubble for outbox
  • new: auto-shorten option for tweets > 140 chars (off by default)
  • new: more font size options
  • new: selectable locations for trending topics
  • new: TMI.me viewer for search results
  • new: send, attach and shorten button to the top of the compose screen
  • new: t.co support
  • new: back button history for tabs
  • new: image view, comments, votes for lockerz.com images
  • new: native retweets included in list of tweets in profile view
  • new: insert username/hashtag at cursor position
  • fix: app crash when attempting to mute hash tags that have been extracted from timeline
  • fix: @mention at cursor position

New in 6.0.1:

  • new: revised app icon (we still digg the lime background though ;p)
  • new: mute forever options
  • new: improved avatar quality
  • new: removed list on launch option (useless after UberBar introduction)
  • new: added option to disable inline previews of images
  • fix: tweet menu not showing up when user timeline has been added to UberBar
Twidroyd is available at the Android Market in a free and a paid version.

[via Twidroyd]