Amazon's Tablet Is Coming for $250

Rumors were spreading for many month now. Now it's not very far away. An Amazon Android-tablet. But wait... yes it has Android, but a complete revamped version, separated form the normal Android-OS. Like the Nook. We could have expected this. It looks like Amazon wants to build a complete own ecosystem on top of Android, with their Kindle-App and the Amazon App-Store.

Is this still on your list, or are you totally disillusioned about it?

[via Androidcentral.com]:
Amazon's Kindle tablet said to be all Amazon atop Android, with nary a Google app in sight:
  • It's a 7-inch tablet-style device.
  • It's running Android, insofar as that's what's under the hood. But much like the Nook Color, it doesn't look like Android in the least.
  • Don't bother looking for Google apps, or the Android Market. They're not there. That's hardly a surprise, that Amazon has the Amazon Appstore, which will purchase and load Android apps just fine. Amazon Cloud Player and Amazon Instant Video will be deeply integrated. The Kindle app is the default reader, natch.
  • And because it's off the reservation, don't bother looking for Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich updates. This thing's totally on its own.
  • Cost will be $250, same as the Nook Color.
  • And expect Amazon to market the hell out of it online.
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