Samsung Strikes Back At Apple. Has All The Sympathies

Samsung Group Headquarter BuildingSamsung HQ - Image via Wikipedia.Like I predicted (wink at the German biased patent "expert"), Samsung is going to strike back against Apple.

They announced that they will stop sales of the iPhone5, as soon as it launches. First in Korea. If this appeal succeeds, it could end up that Samsung will try to stop the new Apple phone in even more countries.
A bolt move. Apple is the biggest costumer of Samsung. They buy many parts for their devices, including iPhone, from Samsung the Korean-based company. Like I said, Samsung will not watch Apple attacking their product line. In the end, they could refuse to deliver parts to Apple, or trying to deliver slowly, so that Apple can't keep up with manufacturing devices.
Of course this would be the last step. Shareholders of Samsung want to make money, no matter what. But it was also unthinkable 1 year ago, that Samsung will sue their biggest customer.
But that's what you get, if you try to be "friend" with Apple. Didn't companies learned that from history? Microsoft, Toshiba, Adobe... If you have a friend like Apple, you don't need enemies anymore.

Well Apple waged the war, and the Androids are marching on.