My Most Important Tool: My Android-Phone

Who would have thought this 15 years ago?
The most important electronic device is no longer my Computer or TV. It's my Android-phone by far.

androidImage by osde8info via Flickr

Sure, you can't type as fast, but it's always there. And that's a new dimension of communication. I can use GMail, with its awesome push-capabilities, like SMS on steroids. I have GTalk, FB-Chat or other IM-Services for typing in real-time. I use my phone for paperless Geocaching in combination of a Garmin GPSr eTrex Legend HCx but plenty of apps are there for using it stand-alone. Google Maps navigates me to the places I want in the car, or by foot.

Apps... here we are coming to an aspect where almost anything is possible. Notes, free of the boundaries of a device. All in the cloud. I use it to listen to podcasts and music. To read the news, to send to twitter, to stay connected with my social networks. And you still can use voice telephony (which I use rarely), but also Skype and Google Talk Voice for free. Isn't that awesome?

In short, I use my phone the whole day, even at home. Voice recognition is around on Android for more than a year. "Navigate to Restaurant" and it gives me a list of near Restaurants. One click and I will be navigated there automatically. The possibilities are endless. Googles, Wikipedia, Places... and did I mention games? Everything in your pocket.
And remember when we could point to that device and saying "And if you drop this in the water, all your life is gone...". Not anymore. Just grab a new device, login, and everything is there. It never was lost. It's in the cloud.

It all comes with a downturn, though. You have no time to relax when you always can do everything. But I don't want to miss this ever again.