Adobe Kills Mobile Flash Player

This could be huge. It is huge already. If it would be April 1st, but... it isn't.
Adobe stops developing Flash Player for mobile devices. Which means, that's it for newer versions of Android for the Flash capability.
Out of the sudden, Adobe cuts it's formerly praised influence on mobile devices. Why? Possibly because of the big restructuring inside Adobe. Lot's of changes internally and a cut of 750 employees.

Adobe to stop new development on mobile Flash Player:
"What does this mean for those of us that already have Flash on our phones? Not much. Security patches and bug fixes will still be developed. The real changes come when you consider new hardware architecture or new builds of Android. These deceives won't be supported. It's an interesting move, and we're curious to see how it plays out.
Source: ZDNet"
I like the optimism and diplomatic tone of Android Central here :). But seriously this is catastrophic. It's the Apocalypse for Adobe. It's a bad sign for all flash developers. Sure they say it will be there on desktop, but it's a signal that says, now stop using Flash and start with HTML5. And that will bring, not only Android, a disadvantage. Now we lose something that we had over other mobile systems. No more.

So Java is unusable with Oracle's behavior, the Python fraction is sleeping and watching chances go by, and Flash is dead. So only HTML5 is left for mobile developing. And this is something where especially Android, has some real issues. We now need a integrated full HTML5 browser. Waiting for ICS 4.1.