Android 4.0.4 For Nexus S Is Rolling Out

Well, the manual update from Nexus S 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 don't work here. That's a bad sign. Installation aborted... Looks like I have to wait for the first time ever for an OTA update. Sigh... it's getting worse every time.

Photo from Google at Google+ / All rights reserved.

Now waiting.
It should be more smooth on animations, and has a better camera performance. Stability improvements is a vague expression, and my ICS runs more stable than Gingerbread ever did.
From what I heard, it can take several weeks until the update arrives. What country when? Only Google or your carrier knows. Not very satisfying.

You can try your luck here and download ICS 4.0.4 manually from the official Google servers. You can find brilliant instructions at Redmond Pie and Android Police. But don't be sad if it doesn't work. I had no luck.