Dolphin Browser HD Sonar Needs Work

I was very curious about the new feature of the Dolphin Browser HD called Sonar. With Sonar you are enable to steer your browser via voice.

The examples show how you can open webpages, go back and forth, and even use the stressed "Weather ..." Unfortunately, it it works at all, it's way too slow. Yes, I have to admit, even a working speech recognition is much too slow for me, besides dictating some text. Clicking a shortcut or having widgets on the screen is much faster or even doesn't need any kind of action. But having said that, it's not really working. Sometimes I'll wait for over 1 minute, sometimes longer and I cancel the operation. The recognition is also not very accurate for me. Even "Weather ..." often can't be understood.
With the built in voice recoginition on Android 2.2, it's no problem. I assume there must be a bug. I tried it on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. No chance of using this usefully.

I'll hope for an update. The idea to shake the phone and giving your browser commands, do have some potential. But it needs to work breathtakingly fast and accurate.