MiraiClock 3 this month at the Play Store for Android

Mirai Suenaga(末永みらい)
Mirai Suenaga(末永みらい) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The long-awaited app finally coming to Android.
Danny Choo himself announced it in a blog-post from the Culture Japan Night Jakarta:
"MiraiClock3 will be available to the public later this month free on Google Play."
Finally! It was a long-time in work and even a working function was demonstrated in a Video, it was held back until it's "perfect".
Now Danny Choo said, that it's even better than the iPhone-Version, which is already available some time ago.

A lot of people, including me, will be very pleased to see this. In the video you can see his Galaxy S3 after he switched from an iPhone to Android and while showing off, he also explains Mirai Clock 3 on Android. 

Astonishing that it will be free. Don't tell Danny, but I would have paid anything for this.