Android 4.1.2 arrived!

Evening...suddenly, out of nowhere, a strange message on my phone. A system update!
Yes, Android 4.1.2 has arrived on the Nexus S.

While the net is full about articles on the Nexus 7 update, the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S gets this minor update, too The changes are minor and mainly bugs were fixed. Google itself does not offer a proper changelog... why?
Fortunately the guys at Android Police made a great job on collecting changes in this update.

Changes in short:
  • one finger expanding notifications
  • launcher rotates on Nexus 7
  • WPA wireless setup bug fix
  • small changes in phone dialer section
  • bigger sms no longer transformed to mms
  • search now configurable. Device/app search included
  • location settings revised. On/Off switch for everything.
The detailed look on the changes can be found at androidpolice.com.