Minuum Keyboard: Failure at launch

Did you apply to the Beta-test, too and then get a link sent via mail that leads you to the market for buying the app for €2.90 ?

It happened to me:

Minuum is here!

Because you signed up early, we're telling you first

Thanks for signing up for the second beta phase of the Minuum keyboard, the little keyboard for big fingers. We’re happy to tell you that the beta for Android is ready for you to try!
Ah well, sounds like everything is okay. But then the provided link sends you to the play store for a version that is STILL BETA and cost €2.90

Well this is offending, to say at least. Funny that Thunderbird mail is telling me that this message is qualified as a scam. Nice algo :). But it isn't a scam, it's just a bad business behaviour. Really bad.
Mails I sent was answered with e.g. "By paying a small amount, customers like you can help us to make all this happen."

Well let me tell you something. Customers like me want a trial version, like all major keyboards have. I can't buy a keyboard to find out I can't use it, or the prediction is not good enough, or the kind (yeah it's totally different) of input is not for me.

The size of 20(!)MB is not very convincing, and makes me think that it isn't optimized at all. Swiftkey (pre-Cloud version) does need less space, has an awesome prediction and a trial version was available from the beginning.

I've been waiting long for Minuum, but now, I really have no intention to use it any more. Congratz, with this behaviour, you might have ruined a great idea for a new input.