Aplus GV18 SmartWatch

Yepp, I tried the $28 Dollar Smartwatch from Aplus. And you know what, it's better than you might think.

Sure it is something uncomfortable to get the notifications working, and it has some weird issues on reconnecting when out of reach of the smartphone, but on the other side it's a full featured phone and can be used completely without a smartphone.
The battery lasts about 1 1/2 day with quite some usage. Might be 2 days with less often turning the screen on. You have to press a button to see anything.

The new theme you can see here is the only one. There are 3 analog watchfaces. That's all. The new version of the GV18 has a new processor and also a new software. You might wonder if you see other reviews. These are the old versions and they are not compatible to this one.

You can write and get SMS either on your smartphone or on your watch. All normal apps' notifications appear on your watch when connected via bluetooth. And yes, you can enable flught mode on the watch and still have bluetooth on to stay connected with your phone.

It can't compete with a Android Wear or a Pebble on an overall look, but there are things where this watch is even better. If you need notifications and a emergency phone, this might be an interesting options.

Hardware Parameter
  • CPU: 533MHz MTK6260A
  • Memory: 128M+64M, Suport microSD Maximum 32G
  • Display: 1.5'' inch TFT HD LCD; 240*240 px
  • Bluetooth: V3.0
  • Camera: 1.3M
  • Battery: 450mAh Polymer
  • Accellaration sensor: 3D acceleration, step counting analysis sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, Anti lost, remote camera 
  • NFC Support: Adapt automatically and data sync 

Function parameters

  • Call function: GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 four frequency call
  • Dial, hands-free, phone records, phone book; Bluetooth headset
  • Message: local SMS; SMS Bluetooth synchronization push
  • Entertainment: MP3, MP4, AVI format for local playback; Bluetooth music player
  • Reminder: tone and vibrating alert
  • 3 clock display themes
  • Bidirectional anti lost: anti lost to remind; bidirectional search
  • Pedometer: exercise step counting, calorie consumption calculation, the movement distance record
  • Remind: Sedentary long seat to remind
  • Sleep monitoring: monitoring the quality of sleep
  • Photograph: watch photograph; local memory storage;
  • Image display: PNG, JPG
  • Camera watch mobile phone to mobile phone remote control
  • Other functions: alarm clock; calendar stopwatch; calculator