App of the Week: Keep Screen On

Sometimes the most trivial apps are the most useful's.
Like Keep Screen On.
What it does is simple: It keeps your Android phone screen on to run apps like games, clocks or anything without the screen getting turned off automatically.
Especially on those phones which can't be set to "Screen timeout forever" it is very neat to have this. But for all other phones too. It gives a an easy to reach setting per app!
You don't need to fiddle with the OS settings. You can set it to automatically run, say Pokémon Go, indefinitely (or until your battery is empty ;) ) without your screen turning off. Or your clock app running to always have it in sight. All while other apps don't drain your battery if you forget to turn off the screen manually. One time setting and all is good.

It's a thing you will never be without if you have a need for it.
Btw. if you have a Huawei or Honor, don't forget to turn off the battery optimization for this app. Otherwise the system itself might close "Keep Screen On".

You can get it in the Play Store for free without ads! Nice!

Download: Keep Screen On